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The Cost of Learning

I often hear phrases like “the value of a college education” or “the importance of a college education”. These are phrases that I grew up on. These and many similar others have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. What was not ingrained in my head was the cost of this education. Unfortunately, the concept of students or recent graduates struggling with debt due to student loans is not uncommon in this day and age. Generally, there are things like scholarships and fellowships available to a select few who prove themselves the cream of the crop in a matter of speaking. For the rest, though, the concept of education seems heavily related to the size of one’s pocket books.

With this in mind, I created this site to use as a resource to those who are interested in learning. I truly believe in the power of education. This belief originates from a concept that education equals empowerment. There are several examples of people throughout history using education as an asset that is only available to a select few. To those whom education was not available, neither was power.

This site is meant to empower those who wish to learn. This site is not meant to stand in place of any course covering any topic listed here. Instead, it is meant to grant exposure to those who do not have a chance to learn the fundamentals of these courses in an academic setting. This site is meant to empower workers looking to increase their skills when applying for a new job. This site is meant to serve as a refresher to those who may have learned these concepts long ago, or those students who do not understand their professor’s lectures.

I will go through a variety of topics, updating and adding to them regularly. I will cover these topics by introducing different software that I have written.