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My Life (as a Number)

A few days ago I went on a nice run that really helped to clear my mind. Afterwards, the song “I Gave You Power” by Nas stayed inside my mind. And I wondered if I could do a similar thing, but more math related. After a quick free-write, what follows is what I came up with.

My Life (as a Number)
– by AfterMath

I’ve been used, abused, and mistreated
Like a tool for you to do what you’ve got to do.
But when you’re through, you’re through
No “how was it for you”
No asking about what I’ve been through
Nah, I don’t get a word from you

Except for those odd days
When you want to whine and moan and complain
About how much you don’t like me
About how much you can’t stand me
About how much you hate me
But you keep coming back to me

And I keep letting you come back to me.
I keep solving your problems for you
And when you get into trouble
I’m the one you turn to.
But I guess that’s what I was created to do
At least now you know what numbers go through.