Flash Cards Page

One of the most effective ways I remember studying for vocabulary quizzes in high school was through flash cards. During my time in college, I wondered why a similar method was not used to help study for other things, particularly in classes where new definitions and concepts are introduced everyday. As a result of this, I wrote an initial flash cards script to help me with my advanced calculus class. Because of my success in this class, I continued developing flash cards to help study many other concepts. Here, I have decided to share some of those concepts with you.

Recent Updates

  • 07-08-2015 Clique Problem Puzzles
  • 06-25-2015 Unidirectional TSP Puzzles
  • 04-04-2015 Learn About Descriptive Statistics
  • 02-19-2015 Slope Formula
  • 01-15-2015 Interactive Midpoint Formula
  • 12-18-2014 Triangle Sum Puzzle
  • 12-02-2014 The Bridge Crossing Problem
  • 11-26-2014 Magical Squares Game
  • 11-07-2014 QR Decomposition
  • 09-12-2014 The A* Algorithm
  • 08-06-2014 Naive Bayesian Classification
  • 07-16-2014 Hierarchical Clustering
  • 07-02-2014 Introduction to JavaScript Programming
  • 06-16-2014 Simple Linear Regression
  • 05-08-2014 Learning About Truth Tables
  • 03-29-2014 Introduction to Python Programming
  • 03-10-2014 Probability: Sample Spaces
  • 02-21-2014 Dots and Boxes Game
  • 02-04-2014 K Means Clustering for 2013 NFL Stats
  • 01-22-2014 Nim Games