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NameCharles Glover, Ph.D.
HometownWashington, DC
Site AliasAfterMath
EmployerBooz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
Job TitleData Scientist
Favorite Quote"Every dark night is followed by a bright day."

From an early age, Charles has been interested in computers - how they work, how to build and repair them, how to program them, etc. Once he began working in computer programming, he saw the deep connection between the fields of computer science and mathematics. Likewise, he understood that many of the procedures he learned in school could easily be programmed to help gain further insight and understanding. His interests in both areas led to his finishing with a Bachelor of Science from Morehouse College majoring in both Mathematics and Computer Science. He went on to receive his Masters Degree from the University of Maryland at College Park with work focusing on Combinatorics. He later received his Ph.D. from this same institution, focusing on the areas of Operations Research and Algorithm Analysis. He continues to be engaged in research areas in both Mathematics and Computer Science.

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